Events at The Cheese Board

Make Ricotta and Mascarpone at the Cheese Board on November 6, from 7:30 – 9:30.

Join the San Francisco Milk Maid for a ‘Pre-Holiday’ cheese lesson on homemade ricotta and mascarpone. In this class we’ll cover  the   nitty-gritty of whole milk, whey or part cream ricottas. We’ll talk about ways to tweak your ricotta to make it the center piece of a cheese board or the key ingredient in hand-made ravioli. Learn how to switch out lemon juice for vinegar or even buttermilk. Then, as the cherry on top, learn a recipe for the most decadent member of the cheese world: mascarpone.

Tickets can be purchased at Buy tickets for Make Ricotta and Mascarpone at the Cheese Board.

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